About the Owners

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Marty and Chels

Starting in the garage in the cold snowy spring of March 2013, Marty had the idea of building a sliding barn door to replace the cheap and ugly bi-fold door for the front closet in his home. After all was in place Marty's wife had the idea of selling them. An advertisement here and there we quickly had a full fledged business on our hands. Marty has produced hundreds of woodworking projects since, although the barn doors are the biggest hit.

We have worked with many interior design companies across the United States as well as having a door featured on HGTV's "Most Embarrassing Room In America" airing in October of 2013. The kitchen in which the door is being used as a pantry door is also in HGTV Magazine October 2013 issue. Visit this link:

And just for fun, we were recently a part of HGTV House Hunters. Check out the episode here!